Reducing Risks

Every successful business person must take risks. However, one of the secrets of success is to minimize the potential consequence of one's actions. Staffing services can provide all types of businesses with the tools needed to reduce the risks inherent to hiring and human resource management

Risk Area

How a Staffing Service Can Help

Bad Hires Use temp-to-hire services to try out a new employee before making the final hiring decision.

Many staffing services guarantee the quality of their temporary employees and direct placement applicants. Some provide direct placement guarantees as long as six months!

With temporary staffing, if you are unhappy with the quality, productivity, or attitude of an employee, you have the right to terminate that employee at any time without consequence. If you desire, the temporary staffing service will bring in a new employee with little or no additional cost or risk to your company.
Burn Out Help relax the demand on your direct staff by using temporary employees to lend a hand during peak work periods.
Legal Problems Using a direct placement service can help ensure that non-discriminatory hiring practices are followed.

Ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local tax laws by leasing or payrolling your employees
Lay Offs For companies that experience frequent variations in workload, temporary staffing services can reduce, or possibly eliminate, the need to layoff employees during slow periods while providing adequate coverage throughout peak demand periods.