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Michigan's User Friendly Temporary Employment Agency is now online!! The Hottest jobs, employees and services await you on our site.

In the personnel staffing industry today, there is a much greater awareness than ever before of the need for pre-screened qualified personnel. This has occurred as a result of more sophisticated starting level job descriptions and a greater importance of training efficiently in less time. It creates tremendous opportunities for businesses that specifically respond to these needs.

At Scott Group, we distinguish ourselves from the competition by offering highly personalized service, customized employee testing and customer specific needs analysis and resolution. This method has addressed these new customer needs much more effectively than other companies currently in our market area.

Scott Group provides qualified, tested and screened personnel that fit both effectively and comfortably in our customer's workplace. Each applicant is evaluated with both computerized and written tests. They are also interviewed and their employment background is verified. This enables the selected applicant to meet the high standard of proficiency required by our customer. Our employees are also offered in-house training on the most popular software packages, which results in a higher degree of placement success.

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